We are currently enrolling prep aged students for 2021 please contact the school to arrange a private tour.

At Coburg SDS we have students that enrol from a number of settings.  Some students enrol at prep age, others may come from a mainstream or autism specific school setting.  Regardless of previous settings, students may enrol at Coburg SDS if they meet our eligibility requirement:

  • A cognitive assessment which indicates an IQ at 50 or below
  • A cognitive assessment which determines a student is unassessable.

On enrolment our students undergo an extensive assessment by our therapy team and a comprehensive Individual Learning Plan is developed in conjunction with the class teacher, family and therapy team.

We love showing people around the school to see the great work our students and dedicated staff do.  Please contact the school directly for a school tour.  Contact Us

Eligible students who reside in our designated transport area are entitled to receive transport to and from school by The Department of Education and Training.  The link below gives greater detail into the program.

Download Student Enrolment Form – PDF

Download Student Enrolment Form – Microsoft Word