Child Centred

Our child centred approach ensures that every student is provided with what they need to learn. Our simple but powerful educational model ensures each child is provided with the best opportunity to learn. In essence our teachers and therapy team follow a learning cycle that: 

  • Looks at the individual child and assesses where they are in their learning
  • Collaborate with each other and families to determine the learning goals for the student
  • Provide the student with what they need to engage in their learning and achieve their goals
  • Celebrate successes with the student and family and begin the cycle again
Good learning can take place in the classroom.

Great learning is what carries us throughout life.

At Coburg all students are supported towards developing their personal and educational potential in order to become valued contributors to family and community life. Children are at the centre of our learning as an educational community.

As a student at Coburg I have an expectation that staff will:

Develop a positive relationship with me:
  • Know what activities motivate me.
  • Tell me what I can do, instead of what I am doing wrong.
  • Talk to me in a respectful and calm manner.
  • Give me time to process your verbal and visual instructions.
  • Plan activities and tasks to accommodate my needs.
  • Set clear expectations so that I know how to work and play with others.
  • Speak about me, when I’m not able to hear what you are saying

Provide me with an educational program that:

  • Is engaging and ensures my learning activities are at my developmental level.
  • Has a defined start and finish to activities.
  • Has clear expectations for me to follow.
  • Meets my individual needs (cognitive, sensory and communicative) and increases my skills.
  • Allows me to practise and use my skills in a functional way.
  • Ensures my communication system is always accessible to me and that I use it regularly throughout the day and you extend my ability.
  • Builds my independence to allow me to manage myself as an individual, and, in relation to others.