PLCs at Coburg Special Developmental School, bring together teams of teachers, therapists, educational support staff and leaders with a singular focus on success for every student.  
They are characterised by staff collaboration, shared practice, collective responsibility and pedagogical change to inspire change of practice.
The work of PLCs is undertaken through regular cycles of disciplined, collaborative inquiry and ensure student learning drives staff learning through  targeted professional learning, classroom observation and the  support of school leadership.

 The PLC process at Coburg SDS is based on the inquiry cycle to improve student outcomes.  This is done through collaboration during weekly meetings in section units to monitor and adjust practice.
This process includes:

  • Generating questions collectively to improve teaching practices. 
  • Collecting baseline data to see where the student's child centered learning needs are.
  • Collaborative strategies and targeted data collection.
  • Analysing evidence and reflecting to develop a consistent model of practice.