Early & Middle

At Coburg Special Developmental School we recognise the extraordinary responsibility and privilege it is to educate our students and believe that all students have the right to the best possible education and to achieve their highest potential every day.

All students have their own individual learning programs, based on the Victorian Curriculum, which are designed in consultation with parents/carers, teachers, student support staff and our therapists who work with your child.  Classroom programs cover all the areas required by the Department of Education & Training and we are excited to be implementing Child Centred Learning and using ABLES (Abilities Based Learning and Education Support) and The Victorian Curriculum, which have an emphasis on individual learning styles and personal development.
We have very small class sizes of 6-8 students with one teacher and a teacher assistant in each class.

Early Years

 The Early Years classroom is an exciting, nurturing environment for your child to start their formal school life.  Class groups are carefully chosen to enhance your child’s learning, taking into account your child’s age, skills and special needs.

During the first years of learning, teachers aim to create a safe and happy environment where students are valued, praised, and encouraged rather than constantly tested.

In the Early Years Unit, students are encouraged to make sense of the world around them through real-life experiences.

Middle Years

The Middle Years classroom continues to build on the learnings of the Early Years as the students grow and progress through the stages of development.  Students are encouraged to build on their independence whilst still working to their individualised goals.  In the Middle Years, we begin the development of an elective program, where students are grouped across the unit according to need and student interest.  This highlights the importance placed on collective responsibility across the school.


The curriculum in the Early Years and Middle Years emphasizes literacy and numeracy skills. There are also opportunities for the development of physical, creative and information and communication technology (ICT) skills, as students are encouraged to explore their world.

We have an inquiry learning approach that is delivered through an integrated curriculum model.  Student’s strengths are central with “hands on” learning experiences promoting curiosity and form a base by which their individualised learning needs are met.  A scope and sequence of learning topics across a four year cycle, supports the development of skills and knowledge across all areas of the curriculum.